"Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.



The journey starts. 


Briefly; I have written a personal reflection blog of my studies, thoughts, travels for years. As a consequence of unsuccessful collaboration with a developer to redesign my blog, I decided to create a completely fresh start, with a new platform. I would love you to join the ride. 


I have been fortunate to live the past 7 months in South Africa, first in Stellenbosch, and now in Cape Town. Soon it is time to fly back home, to the other side of the planet. Though Cape Town is an incredibly beautiful and exciting city, I'm not sad. I will cherish the memories I've created here forever, and hopefully keep coming back. Helsinki will be my home again, which makes me happy. I am excited for all the people and opportunities I have have there. There's no way around it, Scandinavia is such an unique place, and I wouldn't change home for anything. 


I hope you enjoy the posts and let me know your thoughts. <3


P.S. For personal attachment, I will probably recover some of my old posts here.