Exploring the untouched

Hiking in Drakensberg was definitely the highlight of our trip. I’ve never seen such beautiful, untouched sceneries as high up on these mountains. We did two major hikes - The Crack and The Sentinel Peak the next day. The Sentinel is the second highest peak in South Africa and let me just say that the feeling once you reach the top is so rewarding. I again felt that South Africa is like a mini world -within same day I felt like being in Iceland, Ireland, Finland, in an African country… Crazy. Also you may experience four seasons within one day.


We took a walk just before the sunset which was one of the most magical of my life. Two golden retrievers joined me and Maria, and the four of us walked across the savanna, surrounded by mountains and African trees, the sun setting behind the mountains... I learned how much I love capturing moments with camera as I was kind of devastated not having a camera with me. So the memories and iPhone photos will have to do. 


We stayed at Amphitheatre Lodge which turned out to be the cosiest accommodation, with stunning views of mountains surrounding 360 degrees.